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About IBBI

Independent Boat Builders, Inc. (IBBI) was formed as a marine purchasing cooperative in 1989 by a group of independent, recreational boat builders. IBBI has maintained strict standards for membership, and today, we have 20, highly-regarded shareholders, each recognized in the industry for their top-quality boats, their integrity, and their financial stability.

IBBI's job is to deliver member value . . .and it's a job we do with pride. By combining member volumes, we are able to negotiate purchase agreements for materials and for other goods and services at prices better than any one member could secure on its own. IBBI is a cooperative, which means we operate on a service-at-cost basis with all profits returned to our members in proportion to their participation in IBBI programs. As a cooperative, each shareholder is an equal member and has only one vote. IBBI is totally funded out of the negotiated cost savings and members pay no annual dues or fees.

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